300h Online Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Empowering Chakras & Healing the Heart

 12 Feb - 30 March 2024


Reconnect to the Wisdom of Your Heart
Discover the Spirit of Yoga
Find Authenticity and Joy


HUGE £600 DISCOUNT if you enroll before the 1st of Jan 2024

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Join us for a life-affirming, love-brimming, heart-opening experience that builds your depth as a yoga teacher and practitioner as you traverse the journey of the 300h training course with the Himalayan Yoga Institute. Expect a revealing journey into your inner being.

Relax into your heart and find profound healing and integration of your whole being. Our signature 300h training course approaches advanced yoga from a therapeutic and spiritual perspective, delving deep into the energetic, hormonal, emotional and spiritual benefits of the asanas. The daily practice of asanas, pranayama, chanting, kirtan dance and mantra meditation allow for deep, yet gentle healing at the subtle energetic and psychic level, allowing for your true self to emerge and shine.

Just one week into the programme your face will have a beautiful glow and your whole being will manifest radiance and vibrancy. Our signature chakra classes will unlock long-forgotten joy, enthusiasm and the aspiration for an inspired and meaningful life.

Relish the slow pace and full immersion into the powerful practice of therapeutic and chakra cleansing practice, while receiving cutting-edge insight into discoveries of neuroscience, biology, breathing and breath retention as they relate to ancient, traditional and authentic yoga techniques.

At Your Fingertips

When you start teaching you realize how challenging it can sometimes be to juggle it all – your family life, work life and yoga teaching life. Latest by then you realize how wonderful it is to have access to class materials and lectures from the comfort of your home or mobile phone, so you can watch and replay them anytime you want. This is precisely what you will be able to do upon completion of this training.

The certification will be exactly the same as you would receive if you were to do the course in-person and you will be qualified to teach yoga both online and offline.


Some classes will be taught through live online sessions, while others have been pre-recorded and will be offered through an online course platform, allowing you to access those sessions even at a later point in time. In any case this is the most personal, high-touch, interactive yoga course online. I want to connect with YOU!

Release Your Fears and Realign Body with Spirit

This course brings to life the age-old wisdom and authentic science of the yoga of India – and complementing it with modern findings on the mind, brain and neuroscience.

A unique feature of our training is our approach to asana practice: The asanas are practiced and taught in the Rajadhiraja tradition of Tantra yoga, offering ancient knowledge on the deeply transformational effect of asanas with regards to our hormonal and chakra system - rarely taught in other yoga schools.

You will learn and practice 108 of the most important asanas as they relate to healing, chakra balancing, body/mind integration and heart opening. As you will sharpen your teaching skills through in-depth alignment and adjustment workshops, you will develop a new perspective of yoga and life itself.

You will also be encouraged to develop your creative skills in yoga teaching and sequencing for theme-based classes. Furthermore, we will explore a variety of yoga styles such as Yin, Anusara, Iyengar, Power yoga, Hot yoga, Sivananda and Vinyasa so as to compare the sequencing effects of each style.

Lifelong Mentoring

Another unique feature is lifelong personalized mentoring offered by Ganga Devi, the principal teacher on this course, to those who wish to receive guidance after the completion of their training. Ganga has taught and practiced yoga and meditation for more than thirty years. She has also trained and performed as a professional dancer of Bharatanatyam – the classical dance of India.

She passionately uses her special gift of bringing people together in ceremony to connect, sing, dance, heal and release. With her intricate knowledge about the use of breath she skilfully uses a unique system of breathing and breath retention when adapting yoga as a therapy for the body, mind and soul. Ganga is also a talented musician and nada yogini (sound healer), sharing bhajans, kirtan and Indian raga music to complement the deeply transformational work she undertakes on each of the 300h programmes.

Ganga has also written a book on chakras based on ancient, authentic teachings of Tantra and yoga which questions much of the modern new age theories about the chakras, including the confusion about the function, role and shape/colour of the chakras. Her book is one of a kind, debunking existing myths in the yoga community today about chakras and what they are.

Read more about Ganga Devi...

Highlights of the Empowering Chakras & Healing the Heart 300h Yoga Teacher Training

  • Receive an international 300hour Yoga Alliance certification
  • Learn from a master teacher and author with 30+ years of experience in yoga, tantra, kirtan, pranayama, chakra healing & awakening.
  • Connect with your Inner Self while uncovering true mysteries of the yogic path
  • Receive personalized instruction in meditation and receive a daily routine of asana prescription individually tailored just for you, that will allow you to advance your practice 
  • Learn the secrets of Tantric Rajadhiraja yoga, a long forgotten, yet highly powerful approach to yoga, which will completely rewire your body, clear your mind and awaken your soul
  • Receive our unique 7 Signature Chakra Healing Class Templates sequenced specifically for deep transformation and cleansing of the chakras
  • Learn rare practices such as mudras for each chakra, chakra visualization and meditation techniques that can be incorporated into yoga classes
  • Our yoga instructor certification courses are of outstanding quality, marked by excellence and attention to detail. They are the most thorough and comprehensive ones you will find 
  • The training is not only suitable for aspiring yoga teachers but also for those who simply want to learn more about yoga and develop a stronger self-practice
  • On-demand training released every week
  • Weekly live Zoom training calls
  • Self-paced: can be completed in an intensive 4 weeks or longer
  • Live online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online sessions' timezone: UTC or London time
  • Yoga Styles: Rajadhiraja, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Sivananda, Iyengar, Anusara, Power yoga, etc.
  • There is limited space on all our courses. 


  • "I have been blessed to undertake both my initial 200 hours teaching training up in the Himalayas, and then last year complete my advanced 300 hours teacher training in Tamil Nadu with Ganga Devi. She is the most wonderful and and knowledgeable teacher I have come across in my 21 years of personal practice and shares an inner depth of spirituality that has changed my life. Being able to immerse yourself in your teacher training without the distractions of everyday life is a wonderful experience and I believe allows you to focus on the materials and your training and personal development in a much more thorough way. The training materials are varied, in depth and gives a holistic approach to teaching yoga - true yoga, not a fitness exercise class. Being able to train in India, the home of yoga is a real blessing and brings an entirely deeper aspect to the course. The additional trips/ visits are a wonderful way to immerse yourself deeper in the local culture. I particularly enjoy the kiirtan, singing the beautiful songs and the meditation as this is an opportunity to connect with yourself in a much deeper way than you would perhaps otherwise do. The way the course is structured allows you time for formal study and to enjoy the surroundings of the peaceful garden and terrace whilst reviewing your materials and additional practice. Since completing my teacher training I have successfully set up my own yoga business and confidently teach group classes, 1:1 lessons, meditations, workshops, retreats and paddleboard yoga in a wonderfully inclusive and mindful way. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Ganga and all the wisdom she has been kind enough to share with me over the years. I am very much looking forward to studying with her again in the future. If you are considering completing your yoga teacher training then I highly recommend the Himalayan Yoga Institute."

    Jez Culley, Beaminster, Dorset
  • "The Himalayan Institute Teacher Training is superb in all aspects.  The lovely villa accommodation, in a peaceful, beautiful, and secluded setting, provides delicious yogic meals and charming, attentive staff. Logistics were planned and executed with efficiency and comfort, including transportation and extraordinary outings.  No request seemed to be too much trouble for teachers, staff, and host. Best of all I was taught so much more than I even expected.  Thorough instruction was provided in all aspects of how to teach effective, individualized, safe, and therapeutic yoga classes.  Curriculum and resources provided were substantive and extensive. I learned more than just the physical aspects teaching asanas.  I was also inspired by learning the history, philosophy, and spirituality of yoga. Being provided with daily guidance in meditation and bhakti yoga has transformed my life. Ganga Devi, director and extraordinary teacher, lovingly and selflessly offers to provide resources, information, and assistance even after training has concluded.  There are no words to adequately express how much this training and Ganga have done to enhance my personal spiritual development."

    Barbara Graff, Thetford, Norfolk
  • "What I liked most about this training? Ganga, the principal teacher! I could not have had a better experience. Ganga was the light in all our hearts, a true yogini and a very skilled and experienced teacher. Ganga, you make all of the teachings deeply fascinating and you kept us in the moment every time you taught. I feel that I have made immense progress and that my future practice will be way more stable and interesting. I will keep riding the wave and yoga will be the center of my life. The accommodation and facilities were perfect! Very subtle and sentient setting. The food was brilliant and I always felt that my environment contributed to my practice and a very supportive and tranquilizing way. Ganga's philosophy classes were the highlight of the training and my favourite part of the course. Ganga has such deep passion and understanding. All the subjects were conveyed in a pure and loving way. I simply could not get more excited. I felt like time had stopped. It was a big experience for me. So deeply inspiring. Thank you! I loved every moment of the practical classes and workshops and to have a yogini like Ganga to help your practical experience is a big opportunity. So many years of experience come to expression in Ganga's asana classes. She knows all the postures in profound detail. She is a loving example of what a regular asana practice can do to your being. My own practice and understanding has improved by light years. I am deeply satisfied with this training. It was very informative, inspiring, challenging, loving and enlightening. It feels like everything was meant to be. This course provides true and traditional yoga for the true spiritual seeker. It was beyond all my expectations and I will never forget such a life-changing experience. I am so deeply moved and grateful for having been part of this training. I will keep developing my practice and teaching and I deeply hope to be able to contribute and participate in your future ashram and projects."

    Sofus Leo Juncker-Jensen, Hellerup, Denmark


Asanas (yoga postures)

The science of Sun salutation- in depth analysis of this important sequence, incl. the history, breakdown, benefits and symbolism of the same.

  • Asanas – the practice of 108 asanas
  • Asana families
  • Refining asanas
  • Transitioning out of asanas
  • The constitutent elements of asanas
  • Yoga Nidra – Visualizations for Yoga Nidra and how to conduct a Yoga Nidra class
  • Asanas for each chakra and gland

Pranayama and Breathing exercises

  • Advanced understanding of the process of breathing
  • Understanding Kumbhaka
  • Expanding the repertoire of breathing exercizes
  • Advanced pranayama techniques: Ujjayi, Surya Bheda, Sitali, Sitkari, Bhramari
  • Anuloma/Viloma will be practiced daily
  • The 10 Vayus (Pranas) and Pranayama

Kriyas, Bandhas, Mudras and other practices

  • The Power of Mudras - whole body and healing hand mudras
  • Lymphatic self-massage in asana classes
  • The Aura (Ojas) and how to develop it
  • Balancing energy
  • Chakra healing
  • How to determine your unique psycho-spiritual nature
  • Neti, Nauli, Kapalabhati and tongue cleaning : classical yogic purification techniques for the nose, lungs, abdomen and tongue
  • Practicing Bandhas: Jalandhara, Uddayana and MulaBandha

Yoga anatomy, physiology and Bio-Psychology

  • Exploration of the major body systems in relationship to asana practice – in particular the nervous system, the lymphatic system and the endocrine system. The effect of endocrine glands on our psyche.
  • The Nervous system (with emphasis on understanding the autonomous nervous system - consisting of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system). We will look at the interrelatedness of the spine with the inner organs via the sympathetic and parasympathetic
  • nerve fibres and how asanas improve the functioning of the inner organs directly and indirectly (via the spine).
  • The Lymphatic system and lymphatic drainange techniques
  • Applied anatomy related to the physical aspects of yoga (muscles and how they are used in 24 selected asanas)
  • Human Anatomy and Yoga Physiology are important aspects of yoga study, but another relatively unexplored aspect of yoga is Bio-Psychology. Bio-Psychology is the study of glands and hormones and their profound effects on all physical and mental (psychic) functions like growth, digestion, energy levels, emotions, etc.
  • Chakra balancing workshops (using asana in chakra work) - we will look at each chakra and their related propensities and explore teachniques to regain physical and emotional/mental balance

Diet and Nutrition

  • We will look at the yogic and ayurvedic principles of eating, while also integrating the Western scientific approach to nutrition
  • Personalizing your dietary regime
  • The use of herbs


  • Ayurvedic life regimes for each humor (dosha)
  • How does disease happen?
  • The 6 tastes and the digestive process
  • The Methods of Reintegration (Reduction therapy, Detoxification therapy and Tonification)

Introduction to Yoga Therapy

  • How to prescribe asanas for 20 most common conditions in the light of bio-psychology
  • We will look at some major conditions and the therapies prescribed for these conditions based on yogic science. We will not only determine the morning and evening asana practice for each condition but also the necessary lifestyle changes (sleep, work, relationships, exercize, diet and other yogic techniques - fasting, kriyas, mudras, bandhas, meditation - and how they should be adopted to various conditions.

Special Needs Training

  • How to approach the practice with clients who have certain conditions (how to maintain healthy joints and joint mobility, yoga for headaches, backache, diabetes, depression etc.)

The History of Yoga

  • The 6 schools of Indian philosophy
  • Hatha Yoga in the light of Tantra
  • Rasayana and the ancient alchemists
  • Kashmiri Shaivism and Shaiva Siddhanta
  • The influence of Shiva on Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism
  • The influence of Krsna
  • Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and contemporary yoga
  • The interplay of the Vedas and Tantra
  • Tantra and the Indo-Aryan Civilization


  • Correct pronunciation of mantras
  • Sanskrit alphabet

Teaching Practice and Personal Development

  • Public Speaking
  • Developing your voice and communication
  • Traditional approaches to Asana Sequencing
  • The 5 principles of Asana Sequencing
  • Creating theme-based classes
  • Setting an intention
  • Sequencing classes for each chakra
  • Sequencing restorative classes
  • Develop your observation skills
  • Detailed alignment workshop
  • Detailed adjustment and correction workshop


  • How to integrate a variety of simple meditation techniques into your class
  • Guided meditation and personal meditation techniques
  • Mantra initiation (if desired)

Rajadhiraja Yoga

  • Ashtanga - the 8 limbs of yoga as taught by Patanjali
  • Chakras and techniques to develop them
  • Kaoshikii and Tandava: dynamic yogic dances for women and men

Kundalini Yoga

  • Deeper understanding Kundalini and Nada Yoga
  • Deeper understanding of the chakras

Bhakti Yoga

  • Kirtan: devotional chanting of Sanskrit mantras
  • Understanding chanting and its benefits on the emotions
  • Creativity and artistic expression for spiritual development and upliftment
  • Bhajans (devotional songs), Prabhat Samgiita (devotional music for mental expansion)
  • Various types of Bhakti and Kevala Bhakti


  • The 4 stages of Sadhana
  • The 3 stages of psychic evolution
  • The 7 secrets of success as given by Shiva (and how to apply them in daily life)
  • The symbolism of Shiva
  • Vidya and Avidya Maya - from ignorance to knowledge
  • The 4 states of consciousness
  • Creation of the universe and the Tantric theory of creation (Shiva Shakti)
  • Hearing, reflecting and contemplating the teachings
  • How to incorporate philosophy in a class setting
  • Tantra Shastra and Tantra Sadhana
  • The 7 stages of Samadhi

Business Skills and Self-development

  • How to speak about what you are doing
  • Presentation skills
  • Anatomy of a successful workshop
  • How to organize and plan for a yoga retreat
  • Find your dharma and contribute to the world
  • Beyond business into living your yoga and changing the world

Suggested Daily schedule

  • 05:30 Pranayama, bandhas, mudras
  • 06:15 Bhajans, Chanting, Meditation
  • 07:00Asanas
  • 09:30 Workshop/Lecture
  • 11:00 Lecture/Workshop
  • 12.45 Main lecture (philosophy/theory/history)
  • 16:30 Asanas, mudras and techniques
  • 18:30 Satsang (meditation, kirtan, chanting)

Please note that you have the option to either follow the above schedule or complete the lessons at a time convenient to you.

There will be live Q&A sessions for questions regarding theory or practice

During the course you will receive assignments, which will be either in the form of written homework, photo or video.

Pre-application requirements

You will need a webcam or smartphone with a camera. Block time in your schedule to review material. There are required reading books, in addition to the price of the program less than 50 GBP for books. You will also need proficiency in English, as all instruction and the final exam is given in English.

You do not need a certain amount of "time" before you can enroll in this yoga teacher training, though you would want to have completed a 200h training prior to enrolling into the 300h training.


Students who complete this online training are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

How the training works

The training will be held online on our online course platform (for the pre-recorded sessions) and via zoom (for live sessions). Kindly make sure you have a webcam or smartphone with a camera. You can use your iPad or other mobile devices to complete this training. You will have live training option with Ganga for certain classes, all of the core training and learning material will be available on-demand in the form of recorded classes and lectures. You will be able to access your courses 24/7 on any of your mobile devices, desktop, or laptop. You can take this course based on real time or at your own pace that suits your schedule from 3 weeks and extend it as you like.

Requirements in order to graduate and receive certification

To graduate from the program you must:

  • Pass the online exam
  • Complete a final teaching practice - you will need to send in a 90-minute video of you teaching family, friends or simply teach to the camera (this video will be reviewed by our lead trainer)

Timing of sessions

Live training is based on UK, UTC time zone. On-demand training released every week and additionally you will have weekly live Zoom training calls.

Why You Will Love This Training

The 300-hour training as designed by the Himalayan Yoga Institute is an online teacher training which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle and practices of deeply inspiring and transformational yoga. You will be encouraged to find your own authentic voice and creativity in asana teaching and to reconnect with your most precious talents and gifts to share with your students through creative intention setting and exploration of themes in yoga classes. Most importantly you will be provided with tools for further self-exploration and healing on the energetic and emotional levels. And you will be equipped to provide this to your own students too. This course may alter your understanding of yoga and enable you to teach with more depth, inspiration, intuition and creativity.

The teachings are rooted in the philosophy of Yoga, Tantra, as well as Bhakti yoga and Yoga Therapy, meeting you wherever you may be in life, expanding your horizon in terms of how you can apply the practices for personal growth, healing and your evolution as a person and teacher.

For 6 weeks, or longer if needed, you will be living, breathing and embracing all facets of the yogic lifestyle, which will not only make you into a more well-rounded practitioner but also help you align with your higher Self and develop a vision for your life.

Our 300h YTT will expand your consciousness and open new doors so you may discover within the hidden treasures of your heart and soul. You will experience a profound rewiring of your body, clearing of mind and purification of your emotions.

Our training courses meet and exceed the Yoga Alliance standards’ guidelines and you will receive a thorough understanding of asanas, mudras, mantras and visualization for chakras, pranayama techniques, transitioning in and out of asanas, traditional and contemporary sequencing, special needs yoga, yoga therapy, theory, yoga history, chakra healing, and the six schools of Indian philosophy. Asanas will be explored through our signature Rajadhiraja Yoga Method and its application in contemporary styles of yoga. You will also have an opportunity to experience authentic Bhakti yoga and Kirtan ceremony. 

You will receive 7 unique Signature Templates for classes specifically designed for chakra balancing and healing, and 10 Signature Templates for regular yoga classes, pre-designed and ready to go, while also learning how to create engaging, uplifting and inspirational theme-based classes. 

Eventually, you will have great clarity about your greatest gifts and talents, which seek to find expression. We empower our students to become leaders in their communities so they may share with others, not just yoga but their wisdom and insight.

You will come away with a powerful personal practice that will balance your mind, awaken your chakras, heal your heart and help you joyfully walk your life’s path. 


This training is priced at £1899.


“Interactive” is not just filling out an online quiz or messaging on Facebook. Together, we’re on live video conference for quite a few hours during the training. You will be able to dive deeper into the material and help each other.

You will also have a chance to Practice Teach on Webcam, Get Feedback, and Engage

The Teacher Training Course content will be delivered in an approachable, fun style via videos, audio recordings, written PDFs and live calls.

We will also provide you with our signature teacher training manual. An invaluable asset as you progress through the training videos and take notes for our weekly live calls.

Most importantly you will get personalized and supportive feedback tailored to YOU.