Our Ethos


At our Ropa Village retreat, we are constantly working towards an eco-friendly future, in harmony with the local environment and community. Our commitment to the community means that we support the local children’s home called "Sneha", in the village Sarabai, with a percentage of our profits and all of the funds raised or donated by guests throughout the season. These funds provide schoolbooks, shoes, uniforms for the children and urgently required maintenance for the children’s home itself.



We are equally conscious of preserving the eco-balance on the Isle of Losinj, where our second retreat is located, and are contributing a part of the profits and all of the donations given by guests towards the "Losinj’s Marine Education Centre".


By participating in the action "Adopt a dolphin" we support research and educational activities in this field and help protect the dolphins and their habitat.


Contributions help to raise awareness in the community at both the local and state level and through activities such as "Dolphin Day" and thematic lectures in schools and kindergartens, as well as to promote the environmental protection of the islands. "Dolphin Day" is an annual event that has been taking place in Veli Losinj since 1993 on the first Saturday of August.

For further information you may visit: www.plavi-svijet.org