Intensive Chakra Workshop in Birmingham


What are the 7 chakras and why do they matter?


The seven chakras have been written about in ancient texts of Tantra and yoga as important psycho-energetic centres which allow us to align with matter and the material world, with the mental and emotional world as well as with the subtle world of spirit. They are not anatomical organs but rather subtle energy centres which coordinate the flow of prana (vital energy) through our body.

Chakras are closely related to the endocrine glands, and hence imbalances in the chakras will be mirrored in disease, affecting the region of the chakra in the physical body and also as imbalances in the hormone secretion of the related gland.

To maintain physical health and emotional well-being it is crucial to constantly work on stabilizing and balancing the seven chakras. A chakra imbalance will express itself in physical disease. For example a person often suffering from a sore throat or difficulty speaking and expressing herself could point to an imbalance of the throat chakra. Chest and chronic lung diseases as well as diseases like bronchitis could point to a clogged heart chakra.

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What’s the programme?

Four hours of pure bliss aligning, balancing and harmonizing your chakras

  • We will practice asanas specifically targeted to each chakra. We will explore sound and mantra for each of the chakras.
  • Learn to use mudras, specific hand gestures, used for balancing your chakras.
  • Learn which foods feed which chakras and how you can heal yourself by working on your chakras and glands.
  • We will also use visualization to develop awareness of the chakras location.

When: Saturday 4th of May 2019, from 14.00 – 18.00
Where: Birmingham
Teacher: Ganga Devi
Price: £89.00 (advance booking is required as space is very limited)

Please contact us for more information and updates at: [email protected]
Call us on: 07969157994

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